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NCAA Shop selling autographed Reggie Bush photo from vacated game

Former USC Trojans runningback Reggie Bush was forced to give back his Heisman, USC had to vacate wins, and the program had to deal with probation and scholarship losses all because of the NCAA’s ruling on Bush’s case.  Yet, the NCAA finds it completely acceptable to sell an autographed photo of Reggie Bush from one of those wins that was vacated.  They’re charging nearly $180 for the photo from the 2005 Orange Bowl slaughtering of Oklahoma, which USC won 55-19.

Here’s some NCAA logic for you: they can punish a former player and a school for that player’s actions and force the school to disassociate with said player, but they can still make money off an autographed photo of that player.  Good job NCAA, your stupidity knows no bounds.

Update: Bilas forces NCAA to shut down its sale of player jerseys on its website.


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