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Tom Brady tells Tim Tebow in 2011: “I’m trying to watch over Aaron [Hernandez] and Brandon [Spikes]”

Since it is the offseason, there is a lot more free time to dig up old clips and try and read into what any exchanges between players could have meant.  After the New England Patriots slaughtered the Denver Broncos 41-23 in the 2011 NFL Playoffs, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow met at midfield to exchange some words.  Towards the end of their conversation Brady says, “I’m trying to watch over Aaron [Hernandez] and Brandon [Spikes] but…” Tebow then says “Man, they’re good guys” which Brady responds with “We’ve got a lot to handle.”  The exchange then finishes with Tebow saying “Absolutely.”

You can guarantee that when training camp comes around, the Boston Media will be grilling these two about this exchange and what Brady meant.  Obviously Tebow will be asked a lot about his time with Hernandez in college.  Who would have thought that Tebow wouldn’t be the big distraction this year and it would actually be Hernandez, who isn’t even on the team anymore?  No one.

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