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Cory Schneider traded to the New Jersey Devils

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In the most stunning trade of the 1st round of the NHL Draft, the Vancouver Canucks traded Cory Schneider for the New Jersey Devils 9th overall pick.  With the pick, the Canucks drafted Bo Horvat, from the London Knights.

Cory Schneider came into play when it became clear the Canucks would not be able to move Roberto Luongo with his massive contract.  The Canucks almost dealt Schneider to the Edmonton Oilers, but the Oilers said the asking price was too high.

Schneider will be a backup for legendary goalie Martin Brodeur next year, and then he will take over as the starter once Brodeur retires.  The Devils got an absolute steal here and the Canucks finally removed the logjam in their net.  Horvat will be a very good player, but I still don’t think the Canucks got enough for Schneider.

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