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NCAA slaps Oregon on the wrist after two-year investigation

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The NCAA has done it again.  After a two-year investigation, the NCAA slapped the Oregon Ducks football program on the wrist, if you want to even call it that.  Because the Oregon Ducks cooperated with the NCAA, they seemingly decided to go easy on them despite their violations. provides details on the violations and the penalties:

The violations in the case center on the football program’s use of recruiting services and include the impermissible placing of administrative phone calls.  Two of the allegations regarding recruiting services used in 2008 and 2009 set forth by the NCAA, were unsubstantiated as the University complied with existing NCAA bylaws during that period.

The penalties imposed upon the Ducks are pretty much a joke, especially the show cause penalty for former head coach Chip Kelly, saying that he cannot take a college football job for 18 months.  I’m sure that’s exactly what Chip is concerned with after signing his mega-deal to coach the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Committee on Infractions imposed penalties, including recruiting restrictions, one scholarship reduction for two years, and a three-year probation for the University.  The report includes additional details on sanctions.  Many of the penalties were self-imposed by the University and the self-identified corrective measures set forth by the University of Oregon were accepted by the Committee on Infractions.

One of the recruiting restrictions is that the NCAA isn’t allowing the Oregon Ducks to use recruiting services such as Rivals or Scout.  Heaven forbid they don’t use Rivals or Scout, how will they ever find players now?  The NCAA proved yet again that they have no balls and are wildly inconsistent.  Kudos to Chip Kelly for apologizing though.


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