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Cheaters are winning the Bucci Overtime Challenge

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It’s been a playoff hockey tradition for the past three years and it has become more popular now than ever.  The rules are simple, a Twitter user needs only to submit their two picks (one from each team) to score the overtime winner using the hashtag #bucciovertimechallenge and ESPN’s John Buccigross will retweet some and give out a few t-shirts.  It started off as only a few retweets to some lucky winners, but it has grown exponentially.  The lore of winning a t-shirt from Buccigross has people cheating, even though they can buy a shirt on his website.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 4.07.22 PMThese two winners submitted their entries right as Brent Seabrook scored the winning goal (Vincenti has protected his tweets now) and ended up winning.  I’m willing to give Buccigross the benefit of the doubt because so many people are participating, but you would think that he would make a note of what time the overtime started.  Buccigross saw the Deadspin story that uncovered this and responded on Twitter.

I’m sure now that he knows he will pay closer attention to the time stamps of the winners, and hopefully the few that cheat don’t ruin the fun for the masses, because that is usually what happens.



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