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Duncan Keith’s vicious high-stick on Jeff Carter

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith and Los Angeles Kings forward Jeff Carter were pushing and shoving in the Blackhawks defensive zone when things escalated quickly.  Carter knocked Keith’s stick and glove out of his hand and when Keith went to pick up his glove, Carter slashed the glove and likely caught some of Keith’s hand.

Keith didn’t appreciate this and took a one-handed swing and ended up hitting Carter right in the mouth.  Keith realized what he did and apologized immediately, you can even see him say “sorry” during the replay.  Keith was probably trying to slash Carter in the arm to send a message, just not in the face/head.  Later on in the period you would see Keith apologize to Carter again, and Carter acknowledged it.  Good for Keith for apologizing, but he should have never been that careless with his stick or let his anger get the best of him like that in an important playoff game.


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