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Mike Francesa rips John Buccigross and ESPN

After Mike Francesa ripped ESPN Wednesday for “stealing his scoop,” Francesa was back at it again ripping ESPN anchor John Buccigross.  Buccigross took to Twitter on Wednesday to defend ESPN and told Francesa to “take a nap.”

A listener called in to Francesa’s show and wanted Francesa’s opinion on what Buccigross had to say and Francesa ripped into Buccigross, calling him a “nameless-face” and acting as though he had never heard of him.

How accurate is Francesa’s sentiment?  Well, I think there are more people in this world that know who Buccigross is and don’t know who Francesa is.  Francesa has 17,800 followers on Twitter while Buccigross has over 150,000; I think Francesa’s ego is getting the better of him here.

[The Big Lead]

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