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Ducks’ Ryan Getzlaf and Red Wings’ Bertuzzi get into it on bench

During the third period with the Detroit Red Wings up 2-1, Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Getzlaf took exception to a penalty that was called on Andrew Cogliano and accused Pavel Datsyuk of diving.  Getzlaf was heated and was chirping at Datsyuk when they returned to their benches.  Todd Bertuzzi wasn’t going to have any of it and stood up for Datsyuk and got into it with Getzlaf on the bench.  One can only imagine what they were saying, but I have a feeling they weren’t asking to hang out with each other after the game.

For what’s it worth, it was a blatant trip by Andrew Cogliano, so much so that Cogliano skated right into the penalty box when the whistle was blown because he knew what he had done.  Getzlaf was just upset that the Ducks still hadn’t gotten a power play and is seen by many around the league as a whiner.  The Red Wings went on to win the game 4-3 in overtime to force a game seven on Sunday in Anaheim.


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