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Jaguars fans start website to protest any possible Tim Tebow signing

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The Jacksonville Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell has made it plenty clear over the past few months that the Jaguars want nothing to do with Tim Tebow.  And if that wasn’t clear enough, some Jaguars fans a part of the Bold City Brigade have a website up called “Even If He’s Released.”  The site is taking on fan votes that tally up how many people have clicked on their website supporting that they do not want Tim Tebow on the Jags.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 3.14.45 PMSomething tells me that there aren’t 547,606 Jacksonville Jaguars fans, but regardless of that, that is a pretty emphatic no from the people.  It’s too bad that the crazy Tebow supporters and the media that want Tebow to succeed so badly are the ones that actually killed his career.  Forgetting about his skills as a football player, no one wants to deal with the circus that comes with him.  So congrats to ESPN and all the other media outlets that are obsessed with Tim Tebow, you helped ruin his career.


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