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San Diego Union-Tribune Cartoon pokes fun at Manti Te’o

Manti Te'o CartoonIt didn’t take long for the San Diego media to start poking fun at Manti Te’o.  San Diego Union-Tribune editorial cartoonist Steve Breen released this cartoon as a way to welcome Manti to San Diego.  This cartoon is hilarious and I don’t see the Lennay Kekua jokes going away for Manti any time soon.

Manti will be wearing #50 for the Chargers and he is very excited about joining the team:

“I think it’ll all start to kick in when I see my jersey and my helmet in my locker,” Te’o said. “To see that bolt on that helmet, I think that’s when it’ll finally hit me that I’m playing for the San Diego Chargers (and) I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream.”



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