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Don Cherry says women shouldn’t be in men’s locker room

Don Cherry is back up to his usual antics on Hockey Night in Canada.  On Saturday night he said that he doesn’t think that women should be in the locker room interviewing men.  Why did he bring this up you ask?  It’s because of the Duncan Keith incident that happened in Vancouver.  The second Ron MacLean heard Don say he didn’t think women should be in the locker room his reaction was priceless.

Start the video at the 2:20 mark to see his whole opinion on the matter but here are a few of the important parts:

“I don’t believe — and I really believe this — women should be in the male dressing room”

“I don’t feel women are equal, I feel like they’re above us.”

Grapes will be in some hot water after this one.

[Puck Daddy Blog]

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