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Eric Boulton and Colton Orr square off in epic heavyweight fight

The Toronto Maple Leafs scored two quick goals against the New York Islanders on Thursday night and to help change the momentum of the game, some Islanders forwards were looking to fight.  Islanders forward Matt Carkner and Leafs forward Frazer McLaren squared off first, only to be followed by the main event, the Islanders’ Eric Boulton and Leafs’ Colton Orr.  Even though Orr checks in at 6’3″ 222 lbs and Boulton only checks in at 6’0″ 201 lbs, Boulton was more than up to the task.  Orr took a lot of huge punches but was able to land quite a few of his own.  I’d have to give this one a draw, but leaning towards Boulton even though he didn’t get the take down.


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