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Matt Hasselbeck wins back number after half-court shot

Indianapolis Colts QB Matt Hasselbeck was dying to keep his number 8.  He recently signed with the Colts after playing with the Titans and has worn #8 since 2001 and wasn’t keen on changing.

Chandler Harnish, last year’s Mr. Irrelevent, was currently wearing #8 so him and Hasselbeck were working on coming to an agreement.  Hasselbeck said that if Harnish could hit a half-court shot that he would give him $8,000 for the number back.  What would happen had Harnish missed is unclear, but my guess is that he would have gotten significantly less money.

Harnish used to play a little basketball and it showed when he drained this shot and won the money.  In an even better move, Harnish said he was going to donate the money to charity.


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