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Four-Star Tight End commits to Tennessee with a brick

The Tennessee Volunteers program has been down in the dumps the past few seasons and new head coach Butch Jones is working extremely hard to turn it around.  Getting big name recruits and starting the year off strong is huge for the Volunteers’ program.  Adding four-star Tight End Ethan Wolf is a huge addition for Tennessee, and Wolf committed in a rather unique way.

According to ESPN’s Jared Shanker:

So Wolf, his father, uncle and former high school coach got the new Volunteers coach to talk about rebuilding a program that is almost a decade removed from its days as a consistent SEC and national championship contender. The mantra around Neyland this spring is “brick by brick,” which is Jones’ motto for creating his regime’s foundation one piece at a time.

Which led to the final question of the day, one James Wolf, Ethan’s dad, needed answered.

“Coach Jones,” James Wolf began, “Are you accepting bricks?”

Jones was puzzled.

He now looked over at Wolf, who was fussing around in a camera bag while Wolf’s dad kept Jones occupied. The 6-foot-6, 232-pound tight end on the ESPN Watch List was now holding up his own brick, which Tennessee’s trademark checkerboard painted on it with the word “commitment” in the middle.

“How about this brick?” Wolf said to Jones.

It’s clear that Wolf has bought into what the Volunteers coaching staff wants to sell and it seems that Wolf is the type of player to go out and do some recruiting of his own.  Wolf deserves some major points for the creativity that went into his commitment, it’s much better than the typical hat dance that has gotten old and tired.  Hopefully there will be more recruits out there that will display as much creativity as Wolf.


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