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Mark Stuart knocks Patrick Kaleta’s stick into the stands

Almost midway through the first period of the Winnipeg Jets-Buffalo Sabres game, Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta was standing in the defensive zone when the unthinkable happened.  Jets defenseman Mark Stuart pinched to keep the puck in the zone and when he skated by Kaleta, he knocked Kaleta’s stick out of his hands and into the stands.  Kaleta stood there dumbfounded and looked at the referee as if there should be a penalty coming but nothing happened.

Stuart wasn’t penalized because there isn’t a penalty for lifting an opponent’s stick.  It’s not Stuart’s fault that Kaleta was hardly holding onto his stick and it flew into the stands; at least someone in Winnipeg got a sweet souvenir.  The Jets went on to beat the Sabres 4-1, who have been having a brutal season.  This GIF is by far one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year, rarely do you see a stick fly into the stands and Kaleta’s reaction is utterly priceless.


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