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Colts Owner Jim Irsay gets drunk, Tweets about possible trade?

Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay has never been shy during his time on Twitter, but last night he seemed to be extra-open about what was going on in Indianapolis.  He had to be drunk or on something because his tweets were almost incoherent.  Take a look for yourself.

If this is what the Colts Owner’s drunk tweets are like, I would love to see what his drunk text messages are like.  I wonder if the NFL is going to reprimand him at all for these tweets.

The other question is, what receiver are they going after?  Is it possible that it’s Victor Cruz or Emmanuel Sanders?  The Colts do have a lot of cap room because their team was so young last year and they could make the major move.  By signing a restricted free agent all they would have to do is give up draft picks, which would be worth it for them.  Either way, the last time Irsay tweeted about a trade, the Colts ended up with Vontae Davis.  Let the speculation and debate begin as to whom Irsay and the Colts may be targeting.

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