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Epic heavyweight tilt between Colton Orr and Chris Thorburn

Early in the first period of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Winnipeg Jets game on Tuesday night, Colton Orr and Chris Thorburn got into it.  This was a true heavyweight tilt with Orr weighing in at 6’3″ 222 lbs and Thorburn checking in at 6’3″ 230 lbs.  Thorburn did a good job of keeping Orr at bay early, but once Orr was able to wriggle his arm free by getting his sleeve off, Thorburn was in trouble.  It was all Thorburn could do to avoid the bombs that Orr was throwing and he did his best to try and tie Orr up to get the fight to end.  Thorburn wanted no part of Orr after he got his arm free and it’s safe to say Orr won this bout.


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