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Colin Cowherd speaks out on Richard Sherman-Skip Bayless incident

After his fellow ESPN colleague Bill Simmons chimed in on the Richard Sherman-Skip Bayless incident last night, Colin Cowherd chose to address it on his radio show this morning.

Normally, ESPN punishes those that criticize their fellow employees, but so far they haven’t done anything.  Cowherd went on a long rant about the incident, the publicity it generated, how Sherman and Bayless looked during the incident, etc.  He didn’t blast the show and Skip Bayless like Simmons did, but he certainly didn’t defend it either.  In the first minute, it seemed that Cowherd took a shot at another radio broadcaster for making a living taking shots at players and people, but I’m not sure who he was talking about.  Either way, Cowherd is right, this is free publicity for Skip Bayless and people are now going to be wondering what he has to say next.

[The Big Lead]

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