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Kristen Chenoweth talks smack to Renee Zellweger about OU-Texas

Renee Zellweger agreed to do an interview with Kristen Chenoweth prior to the Academy Awards ceremony assuming it would be the usual questions.  How are you tonight?  What are you wearing?  Who are you with?  Etc, etc.  Chenoweth came with a blind sided right-hook though when she brought up the fact that they are rivals.  Chenoweth hails from Oklahoma and Zellweger hails from Texas.  Chenoweth made sure to let everyone know that Oklahoma had beaten Texas quite often lately saying “we’ve kicked your ass in football.”  Zellweger appeared to be caught off-guard and tried to play it off and did so unsuccessfully.  I guess the Red River Shootout runs a lot deeper than most rivalries.

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