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Joe Thornton takes on Jamie Benn in superstar NHL tilt

This is the second fight in a eight days for San Jose Sharks forward Joe Thornton, and he was clearly the instigator in this one.  I’m not sure what Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn did to piss him off, but clearly something happened for Thornton to pull the old cup check move.  The best part of this tilt?  Thornton motioning for Benn to take off his helmet so that neither of them busted a finger on each others buckets.  This was a very solid fight and I would have to call it a draw between the two heavy weights, even though Thornton got the take down.  Thornton is listed as 6’4″ 215, and has quite a bit of weight on Benn, who is only 6’2″ 185.  I’m sure no one expected that these two could handle themselves quite this well in a fight and it will be interesting to see what effect this fight has on the outcome of the game.


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