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Virginia Tech unveils plan for new football stadium scoreboard

The Virginia Tech Hokies showed off some 3D renderings of their new scoreboards that they want to install at Lane Stadium.  In order to keep up with other schools and to continue to impress recruits, schools have to do their best to keep their stadiums up to date and new.  According to, here are some key details:

From the RFP, though, there are a few details of note. The bidder inquiry deadline is tomorrow. Tech hopes to have a contractor selected by April 1. Demolition of the existing board can’t take place until May 17 because of graduation. And the installation of the new board is to be completed by Aug. 1.

There are plenty of technical figures associated with the new board, but the size is probably what people care about. The new video board has to be at least 48.2 feet tall by 108.2 feet wide.

Virginia Tech isn’t the only team making improvements to their stadium this Summer, and they won’t be the last.

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