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Minnesota HS goalie scores on himself, flips off coaches, leaves rink

There have been plenty of goalie, player and even coach freak outs during games, but this one takes the cake.  The goalie for Farmington High School, senior Austin Krause, scored on himself, flipped off the coaches, then saluted them before leaving the rink.  Because there is a video of it, I have to believe that it was prearranged by the goalie.  According to @followthepuck a Minnesota High School Hockey blogger, here’s the backstory on the incident.

So essentially Krause cost his team the game.  They had the lead with three minutes left in the game, but he gave the other team the game-tying goal and momentum.  Then the other team, Chaska, scored the game winner later in the game on the power play.  This is just a shameful display by this goalie, I can’t even believe that this actually happened.  I can understand that he may have been frustrated, but this won’t go over well with his teammates or friends, though I doubt he is going to care.

UPDATE: Apparently the goalie has been suspended from school for 10 days because of the incident.

It’s not surprising the school suspended him for his actions, what Krause did goes against pretty much every high school sportsmanship rule there is.

UPDATE #2: This is from the Farmington Independent, with quotes from Krause and his Facebook status after the incident:

“They played this sophomore goalie for the starter, he was terrible, I would try and talk to the coaches about this and tell them I want playing time but they never really listen to me or gave me a chance to show them that I’m a better goalie but still wouldn’t trust me so I had it it with I asked a few of my players if they care if I did it and they didn’t care they thought it would be funny so at the third period they dumped it in I stopped it put in my net started to skate off then flicked the coaches not the team the coaches then I saluted them then got off.”

He added: “My hockey season is over. I did it for myself. (Like my status) if you think the coaches should quit:)”

This story is just incredible.


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