9-year-old Tyson Greencorn sinks center-ice shot for $5,000

This was absolutely unbelievable to watch.  After taking a few photos, 9-year-old hockey player Tyson Greencorn used a stick that was too tall for him, lined up past the red-line and fired a shot on net.  He even slipped as he let the shot go, which clearly didn’t hurt his chances for making the shot.  It looks like there is about a 6-inch hole in the center of the board for the kid to put it into, and he drilled it right through the center.

This took place on Friday night, where the East Coast Musicians hockey team was playing the Canso Academy (Nova Scotia) students and staff members in a fundraiser to benefit the school.  There were three opportunities for someone to make the shot, but only the 9-year-old had enough skill to do it.  You can see from the video just how improbable of a shot this was for the kid to make by the eruption of the crowd and benches as it goes into the net.

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