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John Harbaugh pranks his parents while they’re on a media conference call

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh held a conference call on Thursday to speak with the media about their sons playing against each other in the Super Bowl.  When “John from Baltimore” jumped on the line, things hit a bit of a snag.

“Question from Baltimore–Is it true both of you like Jim better than John?” the mystery caller asked.

After a long pause, John and Jim’s sister Joanie recognized his voice, and pointed out the caller as her brother John.  Soon his dad Jack figured out what was going on and asked if it was John and there was some laughter.

Joanie said “that was mean, John, mom was ready to answer the question.”

Jack then said that his mom was “ready to come through the phone” and that he was so happy Joanie recognized his voice.

I can imagine that this must be a pretty annoying question for any parents to be asked, let alone for parents with as high profile kids as the Harbaugh’s.  And if you didn’t know it before, you should know by now that John is the laid-back, fun brother, while Jim is far more serious.  Obviously both of their attitudes/personalities have worked well for both coaches, but we’ll know which one works best when they take each other on in the Super Bowl.  It will be interesting to see how their family relationship changes after one son beats the other in the Super Bowl.


[Larry Brown Sports]

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