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Ray Lewis to be reacquainted with first career sack victim at the Super Bowl: Jim Harbaugh

There have been a lot of great story lines mentioned for the Super Bowl XLVII matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, with most of the focus on it being Ray Lewis’ last game, perhaps Ed Reed’s last game and especially Harbaugh vs Harbaugh.  Not to be forgotten is the fact that Ray Lewis got his first career sack in the NFL against Jim Harbaugh in 1996 when Harbaugh was playing for the Indianapolis Colts.

It’s pretty bizarre that of his 41.5 sack victims that Ray Lewis would play his final game with  his first victim on the opposing sideline coaching against him.  Jim Harbaugh was asked if he knew about this and he said that he didn’t until a few days ago when his dad called to tell him:

“No. I didn’t know that until three or four days ago. My dad called me up and said he was in Baltimore and some of the writers there had mentioned it to him. My legend grows. Ray Lewis’ first sack.”

It’s crazy how things work out like this sometimes.

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