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Dallas Cowboys Twitter account takes shot at hockey and the Dallas Stars Twitter account fires back

People running professional sports teams Twitter accounts seem to be getting more and more careless with their tweets.

The Dallas Cowboys took a shot at hockey saying that “nobody cares” that the NHL is back.  The Dallas Stars Twitter account wasn’t going to let that slide and took a huge shot at the Cowboys and Tony Romo.  It’s a great chirp, because Mike Modano did lead the Stars to a Stanley Cup Championship game, while Romo continues to struggle in important games. The Cowboys Twitter account back peddled rather quickly afterwards, hoping to avoid a Twitter war.

I’m going to have to give the win to the person running the Dallas Stars Twitter Account.  They got the Cowboys to back down very quickly and the original tweet has obviously been deleted already.  You have to feel bad for Tony Romo, the poor guy keeps taking shots when he’s not even directly involved in the Internet argument.

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