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Rex Ryan’s bizarre tattoo of his wife in nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey

File this under “you have to see it to believe it.”  What on earth was Rex Ryan thinking getting a tattoo of his wife wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey?  Not only is this extremely weird, but it seems as though it would be a huge conflict of interest.  It seems as though Rex has labeled Sanchez as his favorite, and this could explain why he kept giving Sanchez so many chances.  Why couldn’t he just get a tattoo of his wife wearing a Jets jersey with no number?

You have to wonder whether the players know about this or not, and if they do, do they care?  The Jets have made some strange decisions recently regarding personnel, and Ryan’s trip to the Bahamas has only made things even more strange.  He has yet to meet with the media since it was announced that he was keeping his job, and you can guarantee he will be absolutely dreading meeting the media when he gets back now.

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