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Colorado’s Sabatino Chen hits game winning shot against Arizona, only to have it called off

The refs and this play will be the centerpiece of the Arizona Wildcats-Colorado Buffaloes game on Thursday night.

Colorado’s Sabatino Chen appeared to have hit the game winning 3-point shot with .1 seconds remaining. However, after the refs reviewed the shot, they determined that it didn’t count.

Here’s the apparent reason the banked game-winning shot never counted for Chen (check the clock behind the basket).

Not so fast says NBC’s Rob Dauster.

Here’s the ref signaling the original call of a good basket via @Terrance_Payne.

It’s unclear what the right call was, but Arizona eventually won the game in overtime, 92-82. The potential meaning of this game when March roles around, Arizona as a No.1 seed and Colorado fighting for a spot in the tournament, is¬†frightening. Hope the NCAA committee remembers this play when all is said and done.

[Video via Run the Floor] [Photo via @CorkGaines]

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