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Ndamukong Suh sees ‘Multiple Super Bowls’ for Detroit Lions

I’m a huge Lions fan, perhaps the biggest one that I know.  I love this team and want them to do well, but even I think that Ndamukong Suh is out of his mind if the Lions are going to win “multiple Super Bowls” in the future.

Sure, add some free agents and a few good draft picks, and this team is gonna be a powerhouse.  But they still have a long way to go after the setbacks this year brought them.  The real problem I have with him saying this, is not that I think the Lions are horrible and incapable of ever winning a Super Bowl; the issue is how stacked the NFC is and in particular, the NFC North.

The NFC is absolutely loaded with talent, and the Lions are currently the 4th best team in the best division in football; they’re the only team under .500 in their division.  So while Suh may think that they can be a powerhouse and win Super Bowls, he needs to consider the other teams that are already powerhouses around them.

In interviews it is always good to seem confident, but this is over the top.  Especially since he has been nothing but a disappointment since his rookie season.  Perhaps Suh should worry about the current season instead of the future; especially since he just got another ticket for reckless driving.  You’ll be able to read the upcoming full interview in the next issue of ESPN the magazine.

H/T: USA Today

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