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Washington Huskies Player punched by Washington State Fan as fans rush the field

This is just absolutely horrible.  I know fans are excited about winning the Apple Cup and likely to be intoxicated, but this is a black eye for the school.  Never should a players safety ever be in doubt, and I really wish that police officers and school officials would do a better job of keeping fans off of the field.

The guy that threw the punch is in a blue-ish jacket, and the act occurs around the 10-second mark of the video at the 45-yard line.  The player that was hit was Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and I’m assuming he is okay because he walked off the field.  I’m still waiting to see what Washington State has to say about the incident, and what they will do to prevent this from happening in the future.

Washington State fans also ripped out bleachers following the win.

H/t: Coug Center

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