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Vikings DE Jared Allen destroys Bears G Lance Louis (GIF)

This is the type of hit that the NFL is trying to get removed from the game. Vikings defensive end, Jared Allen, left his feet and launched himself into Chicago Bears offensive lineman, Lance Louis.  Not only was it unnecessary but it was also extremely dirty.  Had Allen not left his feet, It would be a clean hit, but the fact that he targets Louis’ head, is a huge problem.  Allen could have made that block by putting his shoulder square between Louis’ chest and knocked him down just as easily.

To make matters worse Louis tore his ACL on this play and is now out for the year.

As I’ve said before, had Ndamukong Suh done this, because of his reputation, he would be suspended for a very long time.  Hopefully the league will review this hit and issue some appropriate punishment.

H/T: Big Lead Sports

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