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Lolo Jones says she can beat Denard Robinson in race

After having a much publicized incident involving her and former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand, Olympian sprinter Lolo Jones was back in the spotlight today at her alma mater making the Gameday selections as the Celebrity Picker.  While Lolo had success at LSU it has yet to translate into success in the Olympics and now she is trying her hand at making the U.S. Women’s Bobsled team.

While on Gameday she challenged Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson saying that he wouldn’t beat Usain Bolt or her in a race.  Now either she’s looking for attention again since her 15 minutes of fame are up, or she’s just flat out stupid.  Here are some statistics for you according to MGoBlog: Lolo Jones’ best 100m time: 11.24 secs, while Denard ran a 10.44 100m in high school and the Women’s world record is 10.49.  In 2010 he ran a 6.81 60m, the women’s world indoor record is 6.92.

Assuming that in the last four years, Denard Robinson didn’t get any slower, he would beat her by .8 seconds, which in Track and in Swimming is a long time.  Perhaps she should think before she speaks, something she has quite a documented problem with.

Video via: The Big Lead

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