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The Maryland Terrapins unveil their State Pride 2.0 uniforms

Last year the Maryland Terrapins football team shocked the world and ruined many people’s eye sight when unveiling their state pride uniforms.

These uniforms were widely regarded as heinous and travesties to the sport.  So what was the most logical thing to do?  If you guessed create a new version, then unfortunately you would be correct.

These black versions look a little bit better, but the thing that kills me is the helmet.  The uniform itself would be salvageable if the helmet wasn’t a 50-50 split of the Maryland state flag.  It doesn’t even make sense how anyone could think that helmet would look good.

Here are the cleats for the uniform:

The cleats at least look pretty decent.  Overall, I wish these jersey’s had never been created.  The people at Under Armour need to do some serious reconsideration of what they think is stylish and what looks good.

H/T: Lost Lettermen

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