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Cam Newton going through the sophomore slump, throws awful pass

Cam Newton’s play this year is certainly giving credence to the idea of a sophomore slump.  The throw in that gif from late in the 4th quarter with a chance to get the lead virtually sums up his performances thus far this season.  He hasn’t been effective in any game this year, and his attitude seems to be getting worse with each loss; perhaps expectations were too high after he made his presence felt with an unbelievable rookie season last year.

Through five games he has a 58.8% completion rate, thrown for 1,154 yards, 4 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, rushed for 209 yards, 3 touchdowns and 5 fumbles. On top of this the Carolina Panthers are currently sitting with a 1-4 record, and their playoff hopes are dwindling.  If Cam doesn’t get it together, you can guarantee that the Panthers will continue to tank.

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