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Josh Morgan receives death threats on Twitter

After his unsportsmanlike conduct on the Washington Redskins final drive cost them a chance to tie the game against the St. Louis Rams, Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan has begun receiving death threats to his Twitter account.  Much like Kyle Williams (San Francisco 49ers punt returner) did last year after fumbling two punts during last years NFC Championship game loss to the New York Giants.

This merely shows that people are taking the game of football entirely too seriously.  It’s one thing to be frustrated by it or upset by it, but it is another to threaten someones life or their families lives because of it. Yes, Morgan’s play was incredibly stupid and selfish, but it’s still only a game.  Some examples of what has been said: “JOSH MORGAN I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR (expletive) SLEEP.” “You & the crack epidemic are the two worst things that’s happened to DC.”

It seems that Twitter brings out the worst in society, giving people free reign at harassing and abusing celebrities and athletes that they normally wouldn’t have a chance at talking with.  Luckily Morgan has some thick skin and says that he won’t let it bother him.  Why, you ask? “Because I’m from D.C.” says Morgan.

Story via USA Today

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