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Lance Armstrong Won’t Fight Doping Charges

Lance Armstrong said earlier tonight that he will no longer fight the doping charges that have been brought forth by the U.S. Doping Agency.  He says that he no longer wants to fight these charges because he feels that the setting for which to fight them will be “one-sided and unfair.”  His Tour de France titles may now be at risk because of the accusations that he used Performance Enhancing Drugs during his unprecedented career.

Armstrong still vehemently denies that he ever used PEDs during his career, but he has grown weary of the continuous accusations and charges that are consistently brought against him.  Armstrong now faces a lifetime ban and could have the tour titles he won from 1999-2005 stripped away from him.

The USADA says that Armstrong used PEDs from 1996 onward, and Armstrong sued them in Federal Court to have the charges dropped and lost.  Armstrong has been retired from cycling since 2011 and is now 40 years old.

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